Business Analyst Guide – for beginners

Business Analyst Tutorials provided in this website are completely free and this material and documents given are based out of experienced Business Analysts in various domains from Finance to healthcare, Mortgage and Telecom industries.

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Who can learn Business Analyst course? / Pre-requisites to be a Business Analyst / these are the main questions people ask themselves :

Anybody with a basic computer knowledge with just a browsing experience and little bit of Excel , MS word experience can pursue Business Analyst tutorials program.

So, here I am going to give details of the most important topics that you must cover in order to face an interview for a Business Analyst position.

  1. Business Analyst Templates/Documents: Try to get a knowledge on different deliverable templates / Documents that a business analyst might need to work in his job. The examples of these documents are Requirements documents,  FRS (Functional Requirements Specification), TRS (Technical requirements specification), Use case Diagram, Flow chart diagram. These are the main documents, and you should see one time at least how these documents look like before going to a job. You need to learn what type of documentation need to be filled in these documents.
  2. Tools for Business Analyst: There are not so many tools that you need to learn. But most of the time you should have good understanding of MS Excel, MS word, QC or ALM (This is HP’s tool for testcases and requirements), Lotus notes or Outlook express, Power point presentation.  You can get basics of these tools in youtube or google.
  3. Business Analyst Terminology: These are the important terms you need to learn before going to office or interview or else they sound Greek and Latin to you. Requirements gathering, Test cases, Test plan,  Business Analysis, ALM, QC, Requisite pro, RQM (rational quality management), Agile methodology, Daily Scrum etc…
  4. Business Analyst Interview Questions : You must prepare Business analyst interview questions and answers before you attend any interview. Usually these interview questions will cover most of the common business analyst interview questions you might face in an interview. In this website we have a popular post of common Business Analyst interview questions , Please read all of these many times, so even in the sleep you should be able to answer.. You can as well search in google for more questions.
  5. Business Analyst Tutorials:  There are quire a few topics that you must prepare to be a good business analyst. They are mostly like definitions or concepts, so do not worry thinking they might be a lengthy topics.. So you can read the complete list of Business Analyst Tutorials in this website as well.
  6. Domain Knowledge for Business Analyst : This is very important section because, if you go to attend an interview for a Banking company, obviously they ask you few questions on finance domain as well, like credit, debit etc..  so it is important to know little bit basics of Finance domain knowledge for Business Analyst and you can read in this website. In the same way if you are attending interview for a health insurance company like Humana or BCBS, then be prepared to get few questions on Healthcare domain Business Analyst Questions.