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Role of a business analyst


Roles of a Business Analyst

 Business Analyst this is a term which has come into prominence in the past few years especially with the advent of the software industry. Who is a Business Analyst and whats his role in an organization? These are the questions which we will be trying to answer here.

Business Analyst can be termed as an analyst who can delve deep into the business, understand the processes and make use of the knowledge in the betterment and success of the organization. But the term Business Analyst is used very generically in today's professional environment. It can mean analyzing the system, business processes, requirement analysis, supporting the business or system functions, handling the sales or financial KPIs' (Key Performance Indicators). But we will discuss the main responsibilities of a Business Analyst in a generic environment and it may happen that in some cases, its an amalgamation of roles or may be a subset of another role.

A Business Analyst is responsible for a host of processes and activities which are elaborated as follows:

a) At the Project Initiation process, its the responsibility of the Business Analyst to cover the high level scope and objectives of the project and establish communication channels

b)Understanding the business processes of a section or whole of the organization in a very clear cut manner so as to implement that knowledge in any required manner.

c) Clear Understanding and communication of Requirements is a very important aspect of a Business Analyst as it ensures that there is minimum gap between the expectations of the end users and the final deliverable from the technical team.

d) Analysis and Documentation should be very precise and clearly understandable so that starting from the end users or stakeholders to the developers can understand the

underlying stated expectations in the requirement documents.

d) Solution assessment and validation is one of the main roles of a business analyst as it should be ensured that there are no gaps in the requirement process to the development stages.

e) Regular interactions by the business analyst with the developers and the module leads is essential as the knowledge transfer of the user expectations should be made clearly

f) The business analyst has a major role to play in the testing phase where he can actually take part in the systems testing phase and also provide support during the acceptance testing phase.

g) After the implementation of the software system, the business analyst also may need to handle the change management process if there are any new requirements or changes proposed.

 The business analyst profile actually encompasses different roles like that of a process analyst, system analyst, project manager, application support, data analyst and tester. Gaining all round knowledge in all these different role types will definitely give the Business Analyst an edge and will enable him to overview the project from all angles.

Implementation of such responsibilities will help the Business Analyst become the interface between the users and the technical team. The organization should also be responsible for guiding the Business Analyst through his correct responsibilities for the better advancement of the individual as well as the company as a whole.